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Friday Wine Club Report by Kerry Storrar

I have been a coach at BAC  since 2012  , coaching the middle distance team at the track with Dave Norton and Darren Middleton  ,Darren is the lead coach for this group  , and it is he and Dave Norton who guide me with my coaching skills .

Last year I was approached by Katie Roberts from the Barnsley Harriers (aka Ginge ) who asked me  if I could help with her  training   ,Of course I could was the answer !!! We arranged to meet at the track on a Friday and this was the beginning of the training group now called the Friday wine club .

We now have a core of 5 runners in the Wine Club  who run around in circles under my instruction   , these are Ginge ,Jenny ,Naomi ,Gail and  --- Caroline-- (who  we sort of kidnapped after seeing her running  around endlessly on her own !!  )-We have others who train on occasions as well but it does not seem like Friday's are the best evenings for them to train - when there is wine to be drunk !!! The training  sessions  vary from short to long reps  or some like 3,000  to 5,000  metres paced sessions --some faster to get the leg going  .Everyone in the group supports each other in training  and races - the support they give each other is priceless - it is great to see .Anyone is welcome to join the FWC sessions ( from any club ) but be warned it  is not easy --and I WILL MAKE YOU WORK HARD  !!! All you need is a determination to work hard  , lots of positive energy and a watch !!!! This year we have already entered a Triathlon (WHAT HAVE I DONE ??) and also booked in a race at Lanzarote in December (Jenny ran the 5kms there in 2016 ) - NOW  THAT"S   WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT !!! The personal bests have already started this year with Gail being the Queen of Double PB Weekends  -WATCH THIS SPACE !!!

Just to add here -Kerry has also being organising the Friday Walk to Run Group also on a Friday at Cudworth and a few of the ladies have now taken the big step forward to  coming to club nights often  running with Linda .        More Friday Wine Club Successes -Just this weekend in March -Jenny won the English Masters Ladies Over 60 Cross Country Championships at Liverpool on the Saturday  and finished first in her  age group at the Gainsborough 10kms on the Sunday .Naomi improved her pb by over 2 minutes also at Gainsborough and Gail improved her 20 miles pb  from 2010 (when she ran around with some old codger on the same course ) by over 6 minutes at the East Hull 20 

It looks like the rest of us are going to have to get our acts together !!!!!  DA




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